About Control's Log Books – and the blogger

 This blog, “Control's Log Books,” is a spin-off of The Unclassified Get Smart Site.

As mentioned in the introductory post, this blog will focus on Get Smart's episodes, collectibles and other related topics.

You will find in the posts on episodes some of the following: a synopsis, things to watch for, my thoughts, Kaos agents, Control agents, gadgets and locations.

There are also two other categories I've dubbed the Glick Meter and the Oh Max Meter. Obviously the Oh Max Meter is just about what it sounds like it is – a look at 99's... um... fawning over 86. 

The Glick Meter looks at Don Adams' use of “The Voice,” which the Maxwell Smart character is known for. In early episodes it was used all the time and in the later episodes not so much. Adams didn't really talk that way. The nasally voice he used came out of a standup routine where he would do an impersonation of actor William Powell. Prior to Get Smart, Adams used “The Voice” on the Bill Dana Show where he played Byron Glick, a really dense hotel detective. 

The Unclassified Get Smart Site began in 1999 while I was a student at Purdue. It was both an educational outing and a shrine to my favorite TV show.

This site is a labor of love, and I am a one-woman band working on it bit by bit. I don't receive any compensation for this other than just the enjoyment of pursuing a hobby.

I work in the newspaper industry and have worn the hats of reporter, page designer, news editor, photographer and social media editor. I'm also married to a political cartoonist.

I can be reached at big_beatles_fan@yahoo.com Or if you're an adept agent, you can find me on social media. 

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